Special Qualities

The innovator Albatross Industries AS makes perfect climate for your containers

Correct temperature, correct humidity, correct ventilation. Albatross Industries AS provides the perfect climate for working containers, cabin units, refrigeration and freezing containers and for storage containers. In cooperation with our partners, we deliver tailor-made AC and ventilation systems for containers, or turnkey containers with all the necessary equipment already installed. The choice is yours!

Our systems come with a number of benefits. We make use of hoses instead of copperpiping, extending the lifetime in an environment subjected to significant vibration. We use specially designed condensers which take up very little space.

All our containers satisfy the noise requirements stipulated by Standards Norway.

Albatross Industries AS naturally also supplies a maintenance service for all our containers.

Water heater replacement

If it is time to replace water heaters on platforms or ships, AlbatrossIndustries AS provides a quality service. This is a demanding task and one we do extremely well – take Eldfisk Bravo as an example. There, a total of nine water heaters were to be replaced simultaneously, without interrupting operations. We did not shut down the water supply, but redirected it so that all the cabins on the platform had constant running water.

On a similar project, for Eldfisk Alpha, we decided that the best solution was to replace the water heaters in stages rather than simultaneously.

Albatross Industries AS can supply water heaters with tailor-made dimensions.

Let us help you with R22 phase-out!

With effect from 2010, the R22 cooling liquid must be replaced by a new coolant. There are several more environment-friendly coolants on the market, depending on the type of plant.

Albatross Industries AS can provide a conversion package which takes care of the entire phase-out and replacement of R22. A new coolant requires re-calculation of capacity and volume, for example, and may involve minor reconstruction work, depending on the size of the AC plant.