Transocean Barens 2017



Contract value:

App. 35 mill. NOK

Expanded man-hours:

App. 50 000

Scope of work:

Yardstay AiP Yard

Reactivation 2017

  • Reactivate the rig after a long stack
  • Modify the rig to comply with Canadian regulations
  • Install third-party equipement

Main projects

  • Upgrade ROC hangar
  • Installation of well test equiment
  • Modification of X-tree handling system
  • Install 480V system
  • New deck for cuttings equipment
  • Remove riser fingers
  • Installation of bilge seperator
  • Installation of slops unit
  • Pipe chute repair
  • Change out tubing pontoons
  • Installation of new hydraulic test bench